Sekamsan Paper-Cartonboard was founded in 1984 by Cemal Erdoğan. Becoming a star in Bursa and proving itself in the South Marmara region Sekamsan began its journey of becoming a national company and opened its Konya Sales & Logistics HQ in 2007. Opened its İstanbul Sales & Logistics HQ in 2010 pursuing its claim to become the paper and cardboard supplier of Türkiye. Through its variety of products, reasonable pricing, and un-conditional customer satisfaction Sekamsan, created a synergy that awakened the power of the market and has become the leading supplier of the print shops, stationers and packaging companies.. By supplying its customers with the products of the companies that it holds the dealerships and distributorships Sekmasan carries its customers one step ahead in the competition. Sekamsan Paper-Cartonboard continues rapidly expanding its network in Türkiye and serves İstanbul by its own fleet from the İstanbul Sales & Logistics HQ. Sekamsan’s Office and warehouse location enables it to offer quicker and more economical deliveries for both İstanbul and surrounding cities making it a choice selection company. Sekamsan, transferred its 30 year experience in paper and cardboard cutting and resizing and meets customer requirements for custom paper and cardboard orders, minimizing the customer costs and providing leverage in the competition. Besides Sekamsan provides its customers and the market with its own patented paper brand “MOON”. Sekamsan also continues its international journey with the support of the companies that it holds the dealerships and distributorships. R&D activities are being carried out for new products, new markets, logistics, production and marketing in order to support this international move. Sekamsan, is getting ready for the future with a team, understanding the global growth. Sekamsan implements the newest technology, hardware, system and organization, while keeping customer satisfaction at the utmost possible level and in doing so highly respects the environment.

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